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2006 MLB All Star Game

Hummer limos seat up to 26 passengers
Mirrored ceilings with starlights
Lighted dance floors
Flat screen tvs and more...
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MLB All Star Game 2006
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Baseball All-Star Game limo service

July 11th 2006 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Ohio limousine service

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hummer limo in Ohio limousine service
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1-888-51-LIMOS (54667)

Limo Service for the 2006 MLB All Star Game
July 11th 2006 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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Call 1-888-51-LIMOS (54667) for pricing, information, and reservations for the 2006 Major League Baseball All-Star Game:

All limos have a 6 hour minimum on July 11th 2006 for the MLB All Star Game in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

24-26 Passenger Hummer limos with lighted dance floors: $999 + 15% tip for 6 hours, additional hours discounted to half price or $99/hr + 20% tip

25 Passenger Cadillac Escalade limo with lighted dance floor: $999 + 15% tip for 6 hours, additional hours at half price or $99/hr + 20% tip

16 Passenger Lincoln Navigator limo: $799 + 15% tip for 6 hours, additional hours discounted to $99/hr + 20% tip

10-11 Passenger 2006 Chrysler 300 limo with bentley grill: $599 + 20% tip for 6 hours, additional hours discounted to $75/hr + 20% tip

10 Passenger Lincoln limos: $450 + 20% tip for 6 hours

Pictures below of all vehicles, interior pictures and more located at the

2005 White Hummer H2 Limo - 25 Passenger - Brand NEW Arrival!

2004 Black Hummer H2 Limo - 26 Passenger

2004 White Cadillac Escalade Limo - 25 Passenger

2003 White Hummer H2 Limo - 24 Passenger

2000 White Lincoln Navigator Limo - 16 Passenger

2006 Chrysler 300 Limo - 10-12 Passenger - Brand NEW Arrival!

2006 Chryler 300 Sedans - 4 Passenger

2003 Yellow Hummer H2 - 6 Passenger

1-888-51-LIMOS (54667)

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