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Top 10 tips for getting a Limo for Prom or Homecoming:

10. Find the best limousine for your budget! You want to look good at prom or homecoming, and have a great time. Its a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

9. Make sure your group of friends in the limo are responsible. You may be a good person. But, if there are 20 people in your limo and one person breaks an expensive TV, smokes, or throws up in your limo. The person who rented the limo is going to be charged to their credit card! The people who are associated with the rental need to be in charge and prevent extra charges for damages.

8. Don't even think about bringing alcohol, drugs, or smoking in your limo or bringing them to your prom. Many students have tried this in the past and it has never worked. All it is going to do is get your night canceled early and possibly a visit with the police! Alot of high schools check you now when you arrive and alot of schools now breathalyzer test you at the door!

7. Get a contract. If you don't have a contract for your limousine on your special day. Then your chances of that limo not showing up are considerably greater!

6. Safe Transportation! It may not seem like a big issue now, but if you knew how many people die in car accidents each year due to alcohol related accidents during prom season, then you'll be glad you have a safe professional driver!

5. Alot of kids will be able to get their parents to help pay for part or all of their cost of the limousine because they are going to have safe transportation for the night, not to mention there is 1 more chaperone. Parents want you to have a great time, and be safe.

4. Make sure you get to view the inside and outside of the actual limousine you are renting. It can either be from your limo company's website with detailed pictures of the inside and outside or you go personally up to the limo company and see the limos for yourself!

3. Don't put more people in the limo than it can hold. If a limo is a 10 passenger, that normally means 10 people MAXIMUM! Also remember you are going to have tuxedos and dresses on, on a hot day. The more people in the limo the hotter it will be, even with air conditioning.

2. Reserve your limousine early! Successful limousine companies will often turn down hundreds or even thousands of prom customers because there is simply more demand than there is limousines. If you want to get a good condition limo and not "whatever is left", then book early. Prom season is the busiest time of year for a limousine service.

The Number 1 tip for prom season:
1.Splitting up the limo price can get you a bigger and better limo for the same price per person or less! If a Hummer Limo costs $1500 but can seat up to 25 people, split up the cost and each person pays about $65 a person! This is less than what you will spend on a prom dress, tuxedo, or your prom ticket!


A saying in the limousine industry goes: "Would you hire the cheapest Surgeon?"

Beware of some of the following things that come associated with cheap limousines:

* The limo never shows up. It happens that you went with a brand new limo company that went out of business, or they just happen to be taking people's money!

* The limo breaks down! You went with an older limousine, but you saved $50 or $100! Now the limo isn't coming at all...

* Your limo driver shows up in jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes, when your party is dressed in suits, tuxedos, and formal dresses! Your whole party is embarrassed the whole night, but you saved a few bucks!

*You were told you were getting a 10 passenger limo, and it was $100 cheaper. You paid for it, and a rusty 10 year old limo shows up right in front of everyone. Your embarrassed once again, and people are laughing about it the whole night! That $100 you saved was actually only $10 per person when you split up the cost, and you got what you paid for: a rusty 10 year old limo!

Check out our Gallery for pictures and prices of limos!

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